Our Products


La Asturiana

La Asturiana is a historical reference for more than 3 generations. These products are known by everyone and can be found in most stores in Spain and every day in more countries around the world



Wookandy is a spanish brand which produces gourmet candys, all of them handmade and with natural ingredients. Original and unique products which make them a premium candy.


Amanecer del sur

Amanecer del Sur is a own brand of derivatives of Olive and Sunflower oil. Products extracted from the most productive and highest quality area in southern Spain.



Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company. We have more than 2000 brands ranging from global icons to local favourites



A small and healthy treat. Among a wide variety, you can choose between our classic products and new specialties.



Oleove has a strict quality protocol ranging from the single olive tree and the fruit, to the preservation and finally the bottling of the olive oil in the mill.



Is a Spanish company which manufactures high quality snacks. The company has IFS food safety standard and advocate organic farming as the basis of its development.

Simón Coll

Simón Coll

Casa Simón has been making artisanal chocolate since 1840. Simón Coll selects its cocoa beans from several different countries and makes its own chocolate from scratch.



Founded in 1890, Chocolates Torras is a pioneer in Spain. With its 5.000 m2 premises and 30 people crew, more than 20.000 visitors come every year to Chocolates Torras to know the production process of our chocolates.


Bodega Ontañon

Bodega Ontañón is a multi-generational, family-owned winery located in Rioja baja. “Passion for the vine, passion for wine and passion for art” is our motto, as we believe that each of these elements contributes to the human experience and illustrates the vital connection of the land to people and culture.



Handmade selected and fried potatoes in olive oil. Suitable for the most demanding palates with an aroma and distinctive flavor reminiscent of the Crisps lifetime. We have several products in different formats to meet market nee


Aceitunas Chicon Antequera

Aceitunas Chicon Antequera

Our star product is Aceitunas Partidas de la Abuela, that has implied an important acceptance and special recognition in the olive market and it has contributed to our takeoff as reference leader in our sector. In addition, we have created the first pasteurized and dressed olive, production method that guarantee 5 years entire lifetime of the product



Aceitunas y Encurtidos Bravo

Aceitunas y Encurtidos Bravo S.L. is a family business with more than 30 years of experience, located in the Guadalhorce Valley (Málaga). We are  specialized in the production and processing of olives and pickles based on a traditional recipe and with an unmistakable flavour.